Thursday, July 18

Harith General Partners

Harith General Partners is the leading Pan-African fund manager for infrastructure development across the continent. With offices in Johannesburg and Cote d’Ivoire, Harith has US$1,2 billion total assets under management.

Amongst investments spanning Energy, ICT and Transport infrastructure, are significant shareholdings in Lanseria International Airport in South Africa, Lake Turkana (the biggest wind power project in Africa) in Kenya and the Henri Konan Bédié Bridge in Côte d’Ivoire. Investing in roads, rail, aviation and ports infrastructure is vital to ensure the connectivity required for increased intercontinental and global trade.

Harith’s transport investments promote regional integration, which is a developmental priority for Africa. Improved transport connectivity contributes to robust and equitable economic growth.

Regional integration facilitates trade and tourism, creating employment opportunities, increasing standards of living and bolsters national revenues. The development of transport infrastructure also promotes social inclusion, thereby addressing inequality.

A total of USD$42-million has been invested in Lanseria International Airport, the second largest airport in the Gauteng Province and South Africa’s only privately owned international airport. Lanseria has full customs and immigration facilities to allow cross border flights into and out of South Africa.

Harith’s investment track record since 2006 is based on the central thesis that sustained and effective private investment in infrastructure starts with effective leadership. Our experience has shown that when African leadership is committed to building an enabling space for infrastructure investments, it is possible to generate tremendous amounts of patient capital for strategic projects.